"Every Debrecen company that works internationally should make John's training compulsory. DataExpert has already standardized the Effective Emailing and Valuable Meetings courses for everyone in our organization while our managers also take part in the Impactful Presentations training."

Dezső Karasszon
DataExpert Services
"Without John's and Colm's help with group training and one to one consulting our company could not have prepared for a successful US market entry."

Péter Salga
Dyntell Software
"Effective Emailing training by John Graham is recommended to everyone who:

  • - often has to communicate in writing
  • - deals with clients where the quality of the relationship is important
  • - wants to be more organised in their writing
  • - wants to be more purposeful in their communicating.

The strength of the training is, in addition to the 'non-dry' theoretical summaries, the practice orientation."

Norbert Juhász
Payroll Analyst
Flowserve Hungary Services
"John's training is an outstanding opportunity regarding professional training in the city. We have never been disappointed and our team is a committed supporter of his work. We are getting fresh, up-to-date, practical knowledge from him."

Boglarka Angalet
Community Executive
BitNinja Server Security
"John Graham is the inevitable advantage! Because of his uniquely wide-ranging international and industrial experience, his training cannot be replaced by anyone else's. It's compulsory if you want to know more about the world's business habits!"

Zsolt Dávid
Business Development Manager
"The training was not only well-structured and very effective, but also entertaining. It had the effect on my every-day work right after the first few weeks. I learned a lot from the way John led the trainings. I can use the training material as a manual and I can draw ideas from it today. Great training, great trainer."

György Balassa
Senior Business Analyst
RDI Software
"I would like to recommend John's training to medium-sized companies who want their mid-level managers to work professionally in an international environment."

Tibor Barasits
Managing Director
SynTech Research Hungary
"My primary reason for taking John’s course was to listen to a presentation about intercultural business in English. Right after the first few minutes I realised that this was much more than that: instead of receiving a simple presentation, we did individual and group tasks. Everyone cooperated enthusiastically, and by the end of the day we became a real team. Apart from many other things, I learnt a tip from John which I have already effectively applied and which has helped me gain more business. I recommended to the organizers to arrange some more trainings with John. I hope I can join one soon."

Ráthy István
General Manager
Kromberg Ltd
"I loved John’s training on intercultural communication and negotiation strategies as it had a quite different, international approach that is not so usual in Hungary. I can describe his training as truly interactive, problem solving, with team games and lots of useful information. It was really worth taking part in!"

Tamás Bogád
Export Manager
Daniella Ltd

In 2018 LinkGBS celebrated 6 years working in Hungary

We asked everyone who had taken part in training during that time to give us some feedback.
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