Helping companies and their people succeed globally.

What we do

We help companies and people succeed globally.

Whether it's yourself, an idea, a product or service, you are selling; we can help you get your message across more convincingly and more effectively.

Great communication is vital when working internationally. Being fluent in a language is not enough to succeed across borders. People who are working globally are emailing, facilitating meetings, presenting and negotiating every day. Understanding, practising and improving the situational language and skills in these daily business activities, whilst also being culturally competent will help you achieve global success.


Something about the steps

These are not the only skills needed to lead globally, it will depend on the situation. If you're the CEO of a huge corporation leading thousands of people across many continents, then you should certainly consider developing other skills to support your global leadership.

However, most of us are leading globally on a much smaller scale, and whether you are leading primarily projects or people, we believe these to be the key communication, cultural and inclusion skills to make you a more effective global leader.

The training courses are well suited to non-native English speakers. Moving up the steps generally presents greater challenge.

  • Step 1 & 2 - Effective Emailing is the entry-point communication skill, it can be completed even by those who are at lower intermediate level but participants at advanced level have also enjoyed and benefitted from it. The Valuable Meetings course has you participating and facilitating in meetings, it is a step higher but together with the Effective Emailing these are the fundamental communication skills.
  • Step 3 & 4 - The next 2 steps are the Advanced Communication Skills: Impactful Presentations and Successful Negotiations. English speakers at Intermediate level and above have effectively completed these. For many people, the greater challenge is in stepping out of your comfort zone to deliver presentations and carry out negotiation preparation and practice.
  • Step 5 - In the core communication skills (the bottom 4 steps) we introduced some different cultural aspects of communication. The Intercultural Skills training digs deeper into culture and is suitable for intermediate level and above.
  • Step 6 - Inclusive Leadership is the final step. Advanced level participants learn how to leverage diversity to turn it into an opportunity rather than a risk. Master it, along with the others and you will be well on your way to becoming a competent global leader.

John Graham

Tel: +36 30 651 6934

Since 2005 I have lived and delivered global leadership training in Hungary, Japan, South Korea and Hungary again.

I practised my communication skills in international meetings, presentations and negotiations for 10 years as an engineer with Daewoo Electronics. While projects in and with people from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea taught me the importance of being able to communicate well to work successfully with people from other countries.

Most recently I set up and launched a global leadership training business unit in Seoul, South Korea and founded Link GBS in Hungary in 2012.

My hands-on global experience means I understand the challenges of working internationally. And, with 14 years training experience under my belt I can help you master your own global communication skills.

Colm FitzGerald

Tel: +36 20 277 3703

I have always been fascinated by culture, and my anthropology studies at college in California have taught me that while similar genetically, culturally, we can be extreme opposites.

In 2006 I taught English to business people in Spain. I learned that in terms of communication, what works in one society might not work at all in another.

By 2008 I had started a business back in California. 7 years of studying marketing and customer service allowed me to master client expectations and how to exceed them. I sold my business and moved to Hungary in 2015. For the past 3 years I have worked as 'Head of Marketing' for a tech company.

Now with Link GBS and over 10 years' experience, my mission is to help companies thrive by developing more effective, persuasive and culturally appropriate communication.