About Link

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” - Isaac Newton

Established in 2012 in Debrecen, Hungary, Link Global Business Solutions provides consultancy and training for groups and individuals from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and international companies.

Link prides itself on being one of the few firms in the region which can provide training & consultancy across 4 areas of global employee and global leadership development in native English; English Language, Communication Skills, Intercultural Skills and Inclusive Leadership, making Link the perfect partner for growing your global business.

Global Leadership Solutions

Nowadays, local and global businesses are benefitting from globalisation, working in international markets more than ever before. Even start-ups and SMEs who deal with just 1 foreign partner understand that having a high level of business English language will not guarantee their success.

  • Step 1 - Employees and leaders with active intermediate level English language are on the first step to becoming global leaders.
  • Step 2 - Having a toolset of business communication skills is the next step. Writing effective emails, facilitating and participating in valuable meetings, delivering impactful presentations and succeeding in global negotiations form a core of communication solutions and provide you with a practical set of skills which allow you to step up to the next level.
  • Step 3 - Some adjustment is needed when applying these core communication skills across different cultural groups. For example, presenting to and negotiating with Italians and Germans will require an understanding of the cultural expectations of each nationality in order to make those adjustments. Strong intercultural knowledge and skills are what will get you onto this third step.
  • Step 4 - Of course, in addition to countries, cultural differences occur in other group sectors; industry, company, departmental and global or even homogeneous teams. Great inclusive leaders must also consider the cultural preferences of individuals. Diversity in global companies, and to some degree in SMEs, takes the form of not just different nationalities but also: gender, age, religion and ethnicity. Leading diverse individuals inclusively by leveraging their uniqueness will deliver opportunities rather than risks.

About John

JohnHaving gained more than 20 years experience working globally in manufacturing, training and consultancy, John offers a wealth of global leadership development experience and expertise.

John works closely with his clients, identifies their issues and problems, proposes solutions and facilitates the training.

What makes Link unique?

TRAINING - John has over 10 years experience living and working in education and training in the UK, Japan, South Korea, Ireland and Hungary.

INDUSTRY - With over 10 years in manufacturing and engineering, and with much experience gained while working for a member of one of the world’s largest conglomerates, Daewoo Electronics, representing the company in international meetings, negotiations and presentations, John holds a vital ingredient for successful global leadership training - practical experience.

GLOBAL - John spent 6 years in Japan and South Korea with a renowned global education company. In Seoul he launched a global leadership training unit, providing training in business communication and intercultural skills to global and international companies. While in manufacturing he headed up projects in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Korea and Japan. As a result, John has this other vital ingredient for successful global leadership training - global experience. 

QUALITY - Having worked extensively in engineering quality management, John has developed and maintained a quality focused mentality which he applies in all of his consultations and trainings.

NATIVE - Link’s uniqueness is further engraved through its provision of training & consultancy across the 4 areas of global employee and global leadership development in native English only.

John holds a BEng with Honours in Mechanical Engineering, is a certified CELTA teacher (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), a COA Practitioner (Cultural Orientations Approach) with TMC (Training Management Corporation, a Berlitz company) and an IBCT Certified Associate Trainer.

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