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5 years


In 2017 LinkGBS celebrated 5 years working in Hungary. We asked everyone who had taken part in training during that time to give us some feedback. 

6 Steps to Elevator Pitch Stardom

By John Graham, Link GBS

Imagine stepping into an elevator and sharing a ride with someone who has the power to change your life. The key holder to the doors of success, sales, profit … for you, your team, your company, is standing right there beside you. So close you 

The Elevator Pitch Training Experience

Interviews with !gen Debrecen 1 team members

Interview with !gen Debrecen participants at Kazánház, following John's Elevator Pitch training.  

In an elevator with Igen Debrecen

Interview with Máté Rab of !gen Debrecen

Interview with Máté Rab at Kazánház on 11/11/2014, following John's Elevator Pitch training with !gen Debrecen participants.  

Communicate with the End in Mind

By John Graham, Link GBS

I already talked in this article about the skills of global leaders. My objective was to clarify what leaders and global leaders are and stress that we can all become global leaders. That’s right! - great global leadership skills can be learnt, practiced and ...

Different culture - different education

By Dan Belteki, Link GBS

In my first week at college in the UK I was asked to present my group’s argument regarding : “what we believe Sociology is”. It was a nerve racking experience...

Everyone can be a global leader

By John Graham, Link GBS

First, let’s dispel some myths about leadership. Leadership is not necessarily defined by your position in the company’s hierarchy, your seniority or ...

Global communication skills give exporters the edge

​​​Hajdú-Bihari Napló article by John Graham, Link GBS

We moved from Northern Ireland to Hungary in 2005, and what I observed was this great international business potential but a considerable ...

International Business Development

Chamber of Commerce event with John Graham, Link GBS

John talked about the importance of intercultural and business communication skills when doing business abroad and breaking into new foreign markets.

Stepping out on a cultural journey

​​​TEDx (Nagyerdő) talk by John Graham, Link GBS - Jan 2013

I talk about the impact of our own frame of reference, how events and people can appear differently to different people and I recommend how to "step out".

Everybody loves ... culture

​​​​​​​​Interview with Dr. Krisztina Frankó - 10 Nov 2012

Hello, my name is Krisztina Frankó and I studied at the University of Miskolc as an economist. After this I spent 5 years of my life in Switzerland where ...

These Koreans, they are just not logical, in fact they are mad, they are absolutely mad.​

​​​​​​​By John Graham, Link GBS

These were the words of my former colleague in the summer of 2001. He made many similar exasperated statements during the 10 years that ...

​Thought-provoking topics over a coffee or beer

​​Interview with Debrecen Bár - 4 Sept 2012

Debrecen Bár is a web-based non-profit information service based in Debrecen, Hungary. On a temperate autumn evening, on the terrace ...