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Company Group training

Is your company based in/near Debrecen or Miskolc?

Would you prefer training delivered in a format that maximises the return from your most precious resource;
your people, helping them memorise and use the skills and situational language they learn and practise?

Larger groups with longer sessions may be possible.

Half or full day formats are also possible.

For 6 people, Inclusive Leadership is 6 hours.

We can deliver training at your company.
Many of our partners took advantage of our in-company training.



Open Course training - Impactful Presentations

Are you or will you be delivering presentations in English?

Is there some reason why you can't take the Impactful Presentations training in a company group?

For example, are you from a start-up company, or are you the only one at your company who needs to present, or does your company not provide or finance presentation's training?


6 people.

Same content and material as company group trainings.

Debrecen HUB.
Piac utca 34. IV. 10.

1 session=90 minutes.
8 sessions
over 8 weeks.

1 day per week,
same time, usually

Great networking. Enjoy coffee or tea in a comfortable and convenient location.

Dvds, and certificates for successful participants.


Open Courses run throughout the year. HERE IS OUR NEXT ONE

What our Open Course participants say:

I procrastinated presenting in front of others, especially in English for a long time, but the training is structured so that it helps you overcome your fears quickly.

László Szabó
Since I attended John's presentation training, I feel I have become a better performer, and the framework I have acquired has helped me in my presentations. It was worth it!

Zsolt Egri
BitNinja Server Security
Fantastic and really useful course. John was amazing. I really enjoyed all the sessions and gained lots of practical skills. The material in this course sets a good foundation that can be applied on a daily basis.

Miklós Bákai
DataExpert Services
John's passion and knowledge makes him a great trainer. I am grateful that I could learn from him about how to present impressively.

Annamária Jenei
Neuron Software

What to expect in the training

Whether you take part in company group or open course training, this is what you get:


Sessions build on sessions and at the end you'll have something tangible to take away with you, e.g. useful emails, a prepared and practised meeting, a relevant and ready-to-use presentation.


Very interactive and practical. You will take part in practical simulations, even in the very first session. This means you will make mistakes and improvements in the training room so you can get it right in real life.


Learning is mostly through guided and active self-discovery. You will learn the skills and situational language through active participation and practice. For example, you will learn what to do and say in a presentation opening so you can successfully deliver a presentation for your company.


Lots of pair and small group work (tasks, discussions, simulations) which lead to more creative and innovative ideas and solutions, lots of speaking practice to hone your English skills and great teamworking and team-building opportunities.


We use a Prepare, Practise, Present training method which gives you the best platform for learning and preparing for your future business communication.


You get great material; copies of the slides and workbooks mean that you have something to refer to before your future emails, meetings, presentations and negotiations.

Effective Emailing

This is the entry level, communication skills training. You'll complete tasks in pairs, and in small groups use the language charts to help you write a case study of emails - with lots of feedback along the way. But it's not just about language as you learn skills that help you adjust formality and tone, get to the point quickly and clearly and write more diplomatically or persuasively. With your peers in the final session you'll improve your own written company emails.

Valuable Meetings

You'll learn and practise how to facilitate and participate in meetings that are efficient, goal oriented and leave everyone feeling motivated and energised. Discover what makes a good meeting participant and facilitator, choose your own meeting topic and practise opening and closing it. Improve skills such as active listening and dealing with difficult people and situations. In the final session you'll choose and participate in a relevant and useful company meeting.

Impactful Presentations

You'll present in every session and right from session 1 you start building and practise delivering your own presentation. Create an objective, mind map your content, write and deliver your opening, body and closing, learn how to add impact through visual design, your own visual and vocal communication skills and deal with difficult questions. All of your performances are recorded; you'll review them before delivering your full presentation in sessions 7&8.

Successful Negotiations

As great preparation is one of the keys to a successful negotiation, this is where we start. You develop a range of objectives and consider your strategy. Bargaining, concessionary and power-building language form part of that preparation along with determining your BATNA. You'll focus on interests not position, share them with your negotiation partner so you can discover theirs and make the pie bigger. There is a quiz and you'll build a tower before the final negotiation.

Intercultural Skills

If you have completed any of the first 4 core communication skills modules you will have considered the need to adjust your communication style to the cultural group you are working with. In this course you will complete tasks to help build a better understanding of culture, use a framework to compare cultural country index scores and discover how the expectations and behaviour of different cultures can impact everyday global business. There is an intercultural case study which helps you apply cultural skills in real life.

Inclusive Leadership

All companies have some level of diversity. To profit from it you'll need to become an inclusive leader and learn how to leverage diverse individuals and groups to create opportunities and success. You'll take part in an informative and practical training using tasks, discussions, role plays and case studies. You'll discover how understanding your frame of reference, insiders and outsiders and holding constructive conversations can help build greater trust, commitment, motivation, innovation and happiness among your work colleagues.