Effective Emailing

Solution Overview

Email is an essential form of global communication. Writing emails in English to win business and maintain and grow relationships across cultures is an important responsibility of today’s global business leaders and employees. 

Link’s “Effective Emailing” is a practical and informative 2 day program. It is for employees, managers and leaders of global companies & SMEs who receive and write emails in English. This training will provide you with the necessary skills, language and confidence to write great emails every time.


Guided by the trainer and using relevant case studies, the participants work through the different situational emails and cover email writing skills and tips which prepare them for all the challenging aspects of using this communication tool. The training encourages a very practical approach as the participants join teams and take part in a number of “white board challenges”. This also provides the participants with the opportunity to practice applying the language and skills they have learnt before the challenge of doing it in real life.

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