Impactful Presentations

Solution Overview

Developing the ability and confidence to stand in front of an audience and deliver a great presentation is an extremely helpful competency.

Link's "Impactful Presentations" training is a highly interactive and practical 3 day program. It is for employees, managers and leaders of global companies & SMEs who present in English. This training will provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to pull off fantastic presentations every time.


Guided by the trainer, the participants develop their presentation, communication and global leadership skills. Active participation is a prerequisite and all participants are required to practise and hone their presentation skills from the very first training session. The participants are presented with the skills and deliver a number of short presentations on day 1 and 2, these performances are video recorded, and some are watched and analysed before the final presentation on day 3. After completing their final presentation each participant receives feedback from the trainer and their peers. Upon completion of the course, each participant receives a DVD copy of all their presentations and a personal open and honest feedback message from the trainer, guiding them to continued presentation success.

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