Inclusive Leadership

Solution Overview

Whether working with homogeneous or global teams we continue to build a much more diverse global network. Inclusive leaders encourage and enable diverse individuals and groups to contribute to their fullest potential by leveraging their uniqueness.

Link’s "Inclusive Leadership" training is a 1 day program which develops awareness and provides the participants with the opportunity to practice key inclusive leadership skills. It is for anyone from global companies & SMEs who is in a leadership role and especially for anyone working with high levels of diversity in their organisation.


The participants gain the understanding and skills needed to address the issues resulting from organisational diversity, to ensure improved employee interaction and collaboration and enable a changed organisational culture of inclusiveness. The training utilises tasks, discussions, role plays and case studies making this program both informative and practical. The participants learn that as diversity increases (both globally and locally) it brings increased risks and opportunities, and if a course of action is taken to leverage diversity and promote inclusion it will result in greater trust, commitment, motivation, creativity and happiness at all levels of an organisation.

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