Intercultural Skills

Solution Overview

Culture plays an ever more important role in today’s global age, and is an added dimension which must be considered by individuals and corporations working in global business. Whether you are forming foreign partnerships, planning a new project abroad, relocating, or expanding into foreign markets, Link’s “Global Business Expertise” training provides you with the cultural understanding and skills needed for conducting successful global business.

This solution is an interactive 2 day program for high level staff whose roles have become more critical and complex from working in a global setting.


On day 1 the trainer and participants work together to bring the subject of culture to life. In groups they complete tasks that help build an understanding of culture. Using the frameworks of different cultural experts, the participants compare cultural country index scores and discover how the likely norms and expectations of different cultural groups (countries) can impact everyday global business.

On day 2 the participants master how to deal with cultural complexity, and learn and apply cultural skills in a complex intercultural case study.

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