Successful Negotiations

Solution Overview

We negotiate in all areas of life. In our personal life we negotiate with friends and family, while in our business life astute negotiation skills will determine the success of our long term business relations and partnerships.

Link's "Successful Negotiations" training is a structured and highly interactive 2 day program, providing the participants with a solid foundation for their negotiations with foreign nationals. It is perfect for those who negotiate in the global arena in English; company executives, managers, staff and SME exporters.


This training guides the participants through the many phases of negotiations, in both days they learn the skills which are needed to reach a successfully negotiated outcome. Day 1 culminates with 2 groups of separate negotiation parties preparing their strategy and plan for the final negotiation simulation, which takes place at the end of the final day. The participants learn that in global negotiations it is even more important to hold open discussions, build partnerships and work towards achieving a mutually beneficial win-win outcome.

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