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7 Great Meeting Facilitation Tips

Great leaders get the best out of their meetings by facilitating them efficiently and effectively. Though not a straight-forward task, once you have mastered meeting facilitation you will quickly reap rewards. 

Tripling - Deliver your message in 3’s

Something very special and powerful happens when you deliver a message in chunks of 3, whether in written form or orally.

Perfecting your elevator pitch

If you took a 60 second elevator ride with a potential business partner and you had that 1 minute to make an impact, what would you say?

Use transition language to maximise audience focus

The key to delivering a great presentation is to focus on the needs of your audience and address those needs when preparing your presentation ...

Always know your BATNA

BATNA: Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement. We negotiate in order to produce better results than we would get if we didn’t negotiate. So, ...

Eat bananas to relax and lessen your nerves

Eat 1 or 2 bananas 30 minutes to 1 hour before a big event, such as a presentation, to relax you and lessen your nerves. Bananas provide a multitude of ...

Turn your e-mails into POSITIVE E-MAILS

Are you, or will you be a good parent? Will you use Negative messages? - “Don’t slam the door!”   OR   Positive messages? - “Close the door gently!” ...

How to hold a constructive feedback session

Holding a constructive feedback session is something that we all strive for, especially when giving negative feedback. Here is a language framework ...

You will deliver a presentation next week!

What are the first things you should do? Well, let’s assume you already know your topic, and you know a little about your audience. You will probably need to find out ...

Prepare 3 Objectives for your Negotiations

In our many walks of life we will prepare just one objective. For a negotiation you need to prepare three!                                                     

Ask Powerful Questions in Meetings

To be a really great meeting facilitator you need to stop giving answers in meetings and instead start asking questions - the right kind of questions.

Your presentation - the first 5 seconds

It’s vitally important to get off to a good start when you present. Being well prepared can really help you in your opening. Preparation breeds effectiveness ...

An effective email writing routine

Whatever language you write your e-mails in 2 things are vitally important: you should think about what your reader wants to know (not what you have to say), and ...

The hidden power of stories

Persuasion is a centerpiece of business activity and recent research has shown that “persuasion is most effective when people are “transported” to another place

How to Write Effective Emails

For advice on how to write effective e-mails, which get to the point and are written with the reader in mind, read on:                                                                                    

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