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Cold Climate Cultures vs. Hot Climate Cultures

Sarah H. Lanier, in her book Foreign to Familiar, argues that at the most basic level the world can be divided into Cold Climate Cultures and Hot Climate Cultures.

Tips For Productive Meetings

A meeting is productive when the amount of derailing is minimised. Therefore, when you plan or lead a meeting you should focus on how to deal with people who ...

4 Steps Leaders take to Communicate more Effectively

Leaders organise their thoughts - There is time for informal thinking (e.g. idea-generating meetings) and time for formal thinking (expressing your thought process in a ...

Cultural Frame of Reference

Cultural frame of reference can be described as our (usually subconscious) cultural characteristics. These characteristics are determined by ...

Negotiating business partnerships

Negotiating business partnerships is something every entrepreneur will come across. On a global scale, there is an even higher chance of finding a business that offers ...

2 Essential Communication Skills

“People are relationship-driven creatures.” It is therefore indispensable for us to have good conversation skills. Sometimes, we are unaware of the mistakes we ...

The Relationship Builder (4 Business Networking) identifies four different networking personality types: The Loner, The Socialiser, The User and The Relationship Builder.

Interests vs Position

In a negotiation and other areas of business, in addition to knowing your position; what you want, it is important that both sides also know why they want it; interests.

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