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Your presentation - the first 5 seconds

It’s vitally important to get off to a good start when you present. Being well prepared can really help you in your opening. Preparation breeds effectiveness ...

You will deliver a presentation next week!

What are the first things you should do? Well, let’s assume you already know your topic, and you know a little about your audience. You will probably need to find out ...

Eat bananas to relax and lessen your nerves

Eat 1 or 2 bananas 30 minutes to 1 hour before a big event, such as a presentation, to relax you and lessen your nerves. Bananas provide a multitude of ...

Use transition language to maximise audience focus

The key to delivering a great presentation is to focus on the needs of your audience and address those needs when preparing your presentation ...

Perfecting your elevator pitch

If you took a 60 second elevator ride with a potential business partner and you had that 1 minute to make an impact, what would you say?

Tripling - Deliver your message in 3’s

Something very special and powerful happens when you deliver a message in chunks of 3, whether in written form or orally.