Whether it’s yourself, an idea, a product or service, you are selling, we can help you get your message across more convincingly and more effectively.

Great communication is vital when working internationally. Fluency in a language is not enough to succeed across borders. People who are working globally are emailing, facilitating meetings, presenting and negotiating every day. Understanding, practising and improving the situational language and skills in these daily business activities, whilst also being culturally competent will help you achieve global success.

Why choose Link

John Graham


Since 2005 I have lived and delivered global leadership training in Hungary, Japan, South Korea and France.

I practised my communication skills in international meetings, presentations and negotiations for 10 years as an engineer, principally in the field of quality management with Daewoo Electronics. While projects in and with people from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea taught me the importance of being able to understand and communicate well to work successfully with people from other countries.

I founded LinkGBS in Hungary in 2012 and since then I’ve trained/coached over 500 people from more than 100 companies.

  • INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE - I spent 10 years in manufacturing and engineering, representing global giant Daewoo Electronics internationally. So, in addition to training and coaching with companies from diverse industries I also have actual industry experience, meaning I have a greater sense of what companies really need to grow globally.
  • GLOBAL EXPERIENCE - As an engineer I worked predominantly with companies from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and South Korea. During 6 years with renowned global education company, Berlitz, in Asia, I set up a global leadership training unit in Seoul, providing training in business communication skills, intercultural skills and inclusive leadership.
  • QUALITY FOCUS - Working for 7 years in quality management means, whether it’s providing the right solution, coaching or training, or developing and growing partners, great quality underlies everything I do.
  • TRAINING & COACHING - With 15 years of training and coaching experience under my belt, while living in Japan, South Korea, Hungary and now France, I can help you master your own global communication skills.
  • "Debrecen is aiming to become a regional center across several border populations. To achieve this goal, it needs John’s support - developing companies with the skills that make international business processes run more smoothly.
    This is also why DataExpert will continue using John’s group training and individual coaching services - we will be part of our home town’s success story."

    Dezső Karasszon CEO
  • "John's passion and knowledge make him a great trainer. I am grateful that I could learn from him about how to present impressively."

    Annamária Jenei Business Quality Analyst
  • "John Graham is the inevitable advantage! Because of his uniquely wide-ranging international and industrial experience, his training cannot be replaced by anyone else's. It's compulsory if you want to know more about the world's business habits!"

    Zsolt Dávid Business Development Manager
  • "Since I attended John's presentation training, I feel I have become a better performer, and the framework I have acquired has helped me in my presentations. It was worth it!"

    Zsolt Egri Managing Director
  • "The training was not only well-structured and very effective, but also entertaining. It had the effect on my every-day work right after the first few weeks. I learned a lot from the way John led the trainings. I can use the training material as a manual and I can draw ideas from it today. Great training, great trainer."

    György Balassa Senior Business Analyst
  • "John's training is an outstanding opportunity regarding professional training in the city. We have never been disappointed and our team is a committed supporter of his work. We are getting fresh, up-to-date, practical knowledge from him."

    Boglarka Angalet Sales Manager
  • "I procrastinated presenting in front of others, especially in English for a long time, but the training is structured so that it helps you overcome your fears quickly."

    László Szabó Product Lead

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