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Transitioning Language

by John Graham

The key to delivering a great presentation is to focus on the needs of your audience and address those needs when preparing your presentation content. Once you have prepared the content you will need a game plan to smoothly and successfully deliver your message.

Transitioning language should form a big part of that game plan. Whether you are moving from the presentation opening to the first key area of your presentation, from one slide to the next or between different points within a slide you will need to do so smoothly and confidently. Here are some transitioning expressions that you can use:

Ok, so let’s take a look at our first area of interest this morning.
Ok, it’s time to jump in and consider our first point today.
We have seen the design, now it is time to consider the packaging.
Let’s take a look at our second main point today.
Let’s move on to …
So I have explained how our product works, now let’s turn to …
And finally this brings us to the question of price.

Steve Jobs used clear and simple transitions in his presentations, and you should too.