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The Relationship Builder

by John Graham identifies four different networking personality types: The Loner, The Socialiser, The User and The Relationship Builder.

Out of these four types the ideal professional networker possesses the characteristics of the Relationship Builder. To gain this status you need to learn the following essential skills:

Ask others for help or guidance. People love the feeling of having their opinions valued. Moreover, you never know when you might just find the advice you need by asking a variety of people.

Listen and learn about people carefully. Very often it is the tiniest detail that will help you gain the trust of your future business partner.

Be on the look-out for useful information which others can also benefit from. Think more about what you can give or offer than about the return.

Have a well-ordered and organised networking system. It allows you to reach the right person quickly whenever you need him/her.

And finally, maintain high self-esteem because you are more likely to build your own confidence to want to network by having a positive, open and ‘can do’ attitude!